Thursday, 26 May 2016

Raj Roti Centre, Matuga - A Healthy Meal of Rs. 5 only

Five like-minded women from Wadala have joined hands to ensure that citizens in the area have access to healthy food at negligible cost.

The initiative started by friends Jigna Gala, Saroj Mehpani, Nayana Madia, Meena Goshar and Hira Shah on May 9 will provide food packets at Rs 5. It is being funded by the Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre. 
Called the Raj Roti Centre, the outlet is located at Matunga. Talking about the initiative, Dr Meena Goshar, said, “We were planning this initiative for four months. It has been getting a good response from the people in the nearby area. In Rs 5 we provide six rotis, 125g of green vegetables and one banana. Instead of providing the food free of cost we wanted the people to earn their food and feel satisfied after eating a healthy meal.”

The meal is prepared by a group of cooks and then brought to Matunga.

The food will be provided on a daily basis to a customer who is disabled, a senior citizen or from a family with a monthly income below Rs 7,000.

Saroj Mehpani, said, “This project gives us satisfaction of giving back to the society. We are passionate about it. We are avoiding giving packets to beggars who are physically fit and can live on their own. The customers have to register with us before coming to take their food.”

As an identity for registration, the customers have to submit their xerox copy of aadhar card, ration card and three months’ electricity bills.

“We do have various schemes for donors but any individual can donate any amount of their choice. The money earned from the food packets will be used along with the donor’s money to prepare food on a daily basis,” said Jigna Gala.

(Source: DNA INDIA)

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