Sunday, 17 July 2016

No Food Waste: When leftovers reach the hungry through a mobile app

“Charity cannot be a solution to fighting hunger. Besides, there is the issue of dignity associated with the donation of leftover food. The real solution lies in creating skills and livelihood opportunities,”

No Food Waste has a mobile app of the same name that allows it to crowd source data on hunger spots in India and take requests for donation of excess food. The app has identified 80 such spots in Delhi and the national capital region.

“Anyone can pinpoint a place as a hunger spot on our app, and our team verifies it and updates our database. Individuals can directly donate food or request us, through the app, to collect and distribute it, which we do through our volunteers,”

Like No Food Waste, many social start-ups founded by young Indians are using technology to feed the poor.

(Source : hindustantimes)

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